fredag 14. desember 2007

mer sekthumor:


- Hvor mange trotskister trengs det for å skru i ei lyspære?

- Speller ingen rolle, så lenge det skjer nedenfra!

Hi, hi, hi!

2 kommentarer:

Magnus sa...

Når du stel andres vitsar må du i det minste fortelja dei rett! Dette er ein vits om IS'arar, sjølvsagt. Ikkje ein generisk trotskistvits.

Magnus sa...

Her er forresten ein vits eg laga om kor mange "leftist trainspotters" som trengst:
A: One to notice the lightbulb is gone, one to think it was taken down by
the government, one to think it was because of the faulty line of the
trotskyite who screwed it in in the first place, one to say that all
trotskyites are running dogs of western imperialism, one to say it wasn't a
trotskyite but a trotskyist, one to say it's not a trotskyist but
Trotskyist, one to say it was never a trotskyite who did it but a Maoist,
[same joke about Maoists, followers of Mao Zedong Thought, pro-mao], one to
look for the lightbulbn in a cache or archive, one to tell an anecdote
about a lightbulb he shot with an SKS, one to tell an anecdote about a
meeting with the greatest lightbulbs of all time, one to say he organised
100 lightbulbs for a demo against darkness once, one to say he'd rather
live in darkness than have a Maoist screw his bulb in, one to talk about
the differences between the bokmål (lyspære) and the nynorsk
(ljospære) words for lightbulbs, one to set up a webpage devoted to the
Leftist Lightbulbs of the World, one to say that it's cop tactics to shed
light on the going ons in revolutionary organisations and oppose even using
matchsticks. Then they all take a poll to see if a bulb shopuld be screwed

Og ein om kor mange maoistar:
"The Maoists would of course create new zones of red light (nothing like the
sort they have in Amsterdam, of course) to weaken the darkness, and
encircle the lightbulb with candles."

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